Dr. Héctor Miranda 2406 | 2711 6983 / 2711 6984 / 096 437 702 | sarnel@adinet.com.uy

Remises de las Carretas

Twenty years ago we set a goal .... provide the best service remise de Montevideo ... and we work every day.

This formamos a great team, because we have specialist staff , both at the wheel of our cars , as the front of our phones , who provide customer security, discretion and friendly service.

With quick access to the promenade, Remises De las Carretas is located in the "axis " of Montevideo ( 2406 Héctor Miranda esq. Artigas Br ) , which allows us to be in a few minutes in the Old City or the AIC ( International Airport Carrasco).

Modern phones that integrate chauffeured fleet Montevideo daily walking trails and the Interior of the Republic , even beyond borders ...

Inscrito en el RUPE (Proveedor del Estado)